Yummy Hands

Kareem has recently discovered his hands. He spends much time playing with them, crossing his fingers, unintentionally grasp anything that comes close to them, and the worst part is that he puts them in his mouth and start sucking them! No matter how I try to keep his hands away from his mouth, he puts them back!
He still doesn't know of course that they're part of his body and that he can hold things with them, but he finds them amusing, a new thing to discover and play with.


nido said...

lakan kabran mashallah:) What I've heard is that it's good for a baby to suck on his hands and fingers, they say underneath his nails are enzymes that are good for digestion! My midwife also told me once that sucking on the fingers helps a baby improve his jaw and tongue movements! After I heard this I never tried to take my baby's fingers away from her mouth :$

Sam said...

aw 7abeebi mashallah 3ano..yeh let him chew on his hands it wont harm him...he will get out of this phase one day..and then it will be everything else around him going in his mouth not just his hands...

Maioush said...

Mashalla :)
i remember when my cousins discovered their hands, little yousef used to put both hands in his mouth LOL! allah y5aleelek yah ya rabb, and you'll notice the difference every week mashalla :)
Happy Eid for both of yoy my dear, yen3ad 3aleakom bel se77a wel salameh :)

NasEr said...

ma azkaaaa :D
balke its normal or good for him to suck up on his thumb t3a2deehash eh :p

Anonymous said...

Baby's hands and feet are cute :P

Get ready to lose a necklace then if he grabs it while you are holding him :D

Happy Eid :)

Diana said...

Nido: never heard of such a thing! Thanks for telling me!

Sam: It won't harm him but I just don't like this habit :D

Maioush: Allah y5alelkon yahon, w 3leeki ya rab, many thanks :)

Naser: not his thumb, actually he puts his fist in his mouth:D and as I've just leaned from the replies of other mothers, yeah it's normal.

Halool: yes they are, I keep kissing Kareem's feet, they're so cute!
no necklaces and long earings for me anymore I guess :D
happy eid to you too sweets

Dino$ said...

i heard babies start scratching themsleves s soon as they are born ya katakeet! cut his fingernails dayman! i wanna see kareemo! ib3aeeli soora :)

Ya3teeki il 3afeh and soon ill be posting about my sleepless nights as well!

Diana said...

Yes they do Dino, I wrote about this in another post :D
sleepless nights already?

Dawn said...

Does he put just one or two fingers or the whole hand? Firas used to try putting his whole fist in his mouth which seemed scary. He will most certainly grow out of it soon enough.
But they are yummy aren't they?

Diana said...

He sucks his fist Dawn, doesn't put the whole hand inside his mouth he just makes a fist and sucks it :D
of course they are so yummy, lol