Abu Ramadan

Hubby is suggesting that our son, Kareem, should name his son Ramadan, so that his son's name would be Ramadan Kareem :D

Ramadan Kareem everyone :)


nido said...

I don't think kareem will accept this sugggestion :p

kol saneh ou into salmeeeen :)Ramadan Mubarak!!

Maisastic said...


Diana said...

ma a7lah w howe accepting it :D
w enti salmeh Nido, many thanx! :)

Maious: 3ajbatek fikret Abu Ramadan? :D

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 3ammar :D

Allah yes3edkom dearo, w y5alilkom abo ramdan :D ahwan men 3absi :D

Diana said...

lool Arooj, kol laqab byetla3 3aleeh wala el tani :D
thanx sweets,bless you

Sam said...

o no...7aram 3leeh...i dont know what people used to think zman when they named thier kids weird names...

Diana said...

mish tsad2o ya jama3a, it was just a joke, lol
I wonder about the same thing too Sam :D

Dawn said...

LOL he's probably teasing you, little does your hubby know about how sons adore their moms, he should know he's got a competitor now.
God bless ya'll

Diana said...

He sure does know Dawn :D
bless you too sweets :)

Dino$ said...

hahhhaha i decided to name our sson thabi so that my hubby ykoon ismo abu thabi.

or aw bint sumaa2 3ashan akoon um il sumaa2

misss u dandoon i am so happy to read akhbar kareem

Diana said...

LOL, miss u too im el suma2 :D
can't wait to read a5bar ur baby too, take good care of urself and of him/her.

Reem said...


hala2 in syria, we don't say ramadan kareem.. we say kil seneh wo intoo salmeen bel shaher il fadheel or yen3ad 3alaikon bel se77a, etc..

since my nephew kareem :) spent his early years in the US and then came here wo mesh met3awed yesma3 ramadan kareem minna.. wo mish kteer 7akyato bel 3arabi.. one ramadan..ages ago.. ija sa2ali in private.. aunti why is my name written all over the city?

7ayati sho 7ashashet 3alaih

Allah y5aleelik kareemik :)

Diana said...

Hi Reemo, zaman 3anik
LOOL @ your nephew :D. I bet Kareem is gonna ask me the same question one day :D
teslami Reem, thank you :)