The First Seen Moves

The monthly visit to the doctor is one of the most exciting things that a pregnant woman would ever do! It's more like a date with her beloved cute little baby to meet him and see how's he doing.

Yesterday's visit was the most exciting one so far. I could see my baby, who has grown so fast Mashallah, very clearly this time. I loved it how my sweet doctor was as excited as I am while showing me the baby's body parts, "here are his eyes, his ears... check out his arms and legs... this is his neck, and here's his backbone... and here are his toes.. see how's he moving." The cutest part that drove me to tears was when he put his hand on his cheek, he looked so cute mashallah! The sound of his heartbeat made me cry too. He was moving all the time, moving his arms and legs... I still don't feel these moves and kicks yet (but I was told that I will very soon).

But the naughty little thing couldn't allow us to know whether he's a boy or a girl. He was curling his legs up all the time and we waited for him to extend them but he didn't! I was very excited to know, now I have to wait for the coming months. I have to remember to punish him for that, LOL, kidding tab3an! :D


Expecting (5): A Big Change

Along with the tiny new being that's developing inside you, a new feeling - that you experience for the very first time - starts to develop too. That is: motherhood.

An indescribable different kind of love tickles your heart right at the moment you perceive that you are a mother-to-be and brings with it those tears of joy. A feeling that keeps growing with your growing awareness of the existence of this unseen little intruder who came to your life suddenly turning it upside down!

You become a different person. You notice continuous changes in the way you live and the way you look at life... changes in your interests and concerns... in your plans and priorities... in your body, mind and soul... in brief: changes in everything!

Now, there's a human being growing inside you who depends wholly on you to give him all the love and care essential for his growth. You are ready to give him anything that he needs, and just do anything you can to keep him safe and healthy. You follow all the instructions and advices just for him... You are extra cautious and careful in everything you do and eat.. in every move you make.. for his sake. You educate yourself and read all the pregnancy books and articles that come to your hand because you want the best for him. Simply, you are now living for him. *Diana sings you are the reason, and everything I do I do it for you* :D

I look back at the day I went out with my two married friends who spent the whole time talking about their pregnancies, and about their babies, their food and the kinds of diapers they use. And even ended up exchanging diapers, not used ones of course :D. They bored me to death that I decided never to go out with married friends again! Now such subjects became my favorites. It became more interesting and more fun to chat with my friends' mothers than chatting with my friends themselves :D. My God! Look how I've changed!
At the mall, instead of checking the women sections like I always do, my legs take me directly and unconsciously to the baby's section where my heart melts when I see the babies and their cute adorable stuff.

There's a lot of changes and sacrifices.. A lot of concerns and worries and mixed feelings that every pregnant woman goes through. Still, I believe that this exceptional glamorous experience is worth every sacrifice. It is undoubtedly the most exciting and rewarding adventure of a woman's life :)

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Expecting (4): My Health

My mother always says that I’ve been a good girl ever since I was a fetus. She's usually surprised whenever a woman complains about her uneasy pregnancy or about her naughty children saying that she never suffered from such things. E7EM E7EM :D.
This to some extent used to relieve me knowing that girls do inherit such things from their moms. So, having a smooth and happy pregnancy like mom’s was something I looked forward to.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy turned out to be completely different. I suffered from almost all the awful symptoms that pregnant women may have from nausea, heartburn, food aversions and cravings, to moody swings and other things.

Even before knowing that I’m pregnant, I noticed that I can’t stand to smell any strong odor including my own perfume. This, later on, developed to a strong feeling of DISGUST. Any smell, even that of food, would turn my stomach. I couldn’t enter the kitchen for weeks! Entering the kitchen was like entering hell to me. As a result, I wasn’t able to cook. So, I used to force myself to eat some fruits- the only thing that my stomach could accept- and that’s it! At night, hubby would order fast food after spending much time choosing something that would't make me feel queasy.

Starving myself means starving my baby, a fact that I came to know later, and made me feel very guilty. I made my baby starve, I am extremely sorry but I didn't mean to wallhi :(

Believe it or not, I hated all kinds of coffee and chocolate, knowing that I am a coffee lover and a chocoholic. Now I can’t even stand their smell! Weird things happen during pregnancy.
This, however, is a good thing. Pregnant women better limit their intake or even cut caffeine out of their diets. Chocolate, too, will give me nothing but extra pounds, so I'm lucky I hated it too.

On the other hand, I craved the arabic bread, especially el saj (mar2oo2) and tanoor, which was impossible to find in Turkey. I also craved my mom's cooking. I wanted badly to eat Mlokheyeh although I don't really like it much, but as I told you the most weird things may happen during pregnancy. I wanted to eat wara2 3inab, kebbeh b laban and many other things... I made a list by the way :D I was daydreaming about eating them :D

Eating them is no more a dream now. I enjoyed (and still) eating mama's cooking. Thanks to her care and tabeekh, I don't starve my baby no more. You better thank ur grandma for taking good care of you, fahem? hehe The pills and vitamins prescribed by the doctor helped a lot in reducing the symptoms and increasing my appetite and I started gradually to get better. Now that the first trimester which is the most difficult stage is about to end, the unpleasent symptoms are disappearing thank God. And I feel good, both physically and emotionally.

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Expecting (3): The Reaction

OH MY GOD! My heart sank when I saw the result. I was stunned. didn't know what to do and how to react. The idea didn't really sink in! It was unbelievable! too good to be true!

Once I regained my senses I found myself crying... shedding tears of joy.. a mother? me? I'm not prepared to be a mother! Not here.. not now. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to pregnancy. The idea then freaked me out. MAMA HELP MEEE.

Ammar's reaction , just like mine, shifted from shocked to excited to worried especially that my health started to deteriorate. So, my return to Lebanon was unavoidable, where my mother can take good care of me.

Everybody was extremely happy to hear the news. I can tell that my mother was the most excited of all. Thanks to her, I regained my health, and I'm feeling much better now.

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Expecting (2): Not Expecting

We were not in the least prepared for a big event like this. Thinking of having a baby was to be postponed for about a year due to many reasons. I've always believed that any couple should wait some time before deciding to have children to make sure that they're really getting along so well, and that they're willing and ready to make a happy family together. Secondly, the first year of marriage could be the perfect (and only) chance for newlyweds to enjoy their new life together, go out and travel.. before becoming parents with all the responsibilities to worry about. And finally, in our case, we were not yet sure whether we were going to stay in Turkey or move to another country, so it was important to settle down first before thinking of adding a new member to the family.

Now that it happened, we can't but accept heartily and be very thankful for the gift that God has granted to us.

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Expecting (1)

I had to put an end to all the concerns and doubts that had been haunting me for several days. I must take action immediately! I was very tense but I tried to control my nerves as much as possible. I got dressed.. calmly.. looked at myself in the mirror.. stared into my eyes for a few moments.. looking for an answer to "can this be possible?".. but there weren't any...
I made sure that I had the paper in my pocket... and went out.
I could feel my legs shaking... and my heart was beating so fast that I had to stop, trying again to calm down... took a deep breath and moved on...
I looked around until I caught sight of the place I was looking for "Eczane"*. I walked directly towards it. Hi, would you please give me this? giving the lady the paper with the two Turkish words "Gebelik testi"*. She handed me the thing. Thank you I said. You're welcome :) she replied back. Oh, I don't believe it, finally I found someone who speaks English in this country! I thought to myself.
I hurried back home. Followed the instructions. and to my surprise the result was positive. I am a mother-to-be :)

*pregnancy test
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