Mothers.. ya mothers... You were pregnant once, weren't you?! And you know how annoying and disturbing noise and mess can be to a pregnant woman!
So why do you come along to visit her with your unbearably naughty and noisy kids and turn her day into a living hell?!
When you have such uncontrollable kids, LEAVE THEM AT HOME for God's sake.. ana mish tay2a 7ali.. effttt
khalas, fadfadet :D


Anonymous said...

bejo ysallo 3aboos :D
it is annoying even for not pregnant women.. but they are cute diana :o

bokra nshoof sho bedek te3mali :D

Diana said...

betdal3eeh kaman? 3aboos? loool
No ppl I'm not going to name him 3abbas or 3abse :D

Noooo, spoiled kids are not cute at all, they're so annoying.

everybody says the same, lanshof enti bokra sho byetla3 minik :D
ana ebni ra7 ykoon mo2addab :-o: :p

nido said...

I was like you...and I REGRET it...
I regret avoiding noises while pregnant...and now my baby is sooo sensitive to any kind of noise!
It's hard for her to sleep unless its QUIET!
while other babies I see around, especially those who have noisy siblings sleep anytime and anywhere no matter how noisy it is around ...
I beleive babies get used to quietness or noises even before being born...
I hope yr baby gives you piece of mind and hope his sleeping habbits are better than my baby's :)

He is almost cooked:)Are you ready?!

Diana said...

I've always been like this Nido, bas hala2 aktar :(

I don't want my baby to be as sensitive as I am to noises but I can't help it.

Yes I'm ready indeed, ahla w sahla feeh, he can arrive anytime he wants :D