Random Thoughts

- Today I was surprised at how my fingers look, they have swelled up! They look funny, especially that I have small hands and thin fingers, and the wedding ring doesn't fit anymore! :D
My feet have swelled up too, long time ago, and I had to put my old shoes aside and buy a new pair.
My face, however, hasn't changed yet, not a bit. Although I heard that the face does swell in the last month too.

- I feel so heavy, and I am finding a difficulty sleeping, especially in this hotttttttt weather. It's so damn hot and I can barely take a breath.

- The doctor said that I can start walking from now. My mom laughed and said: She's been walking since a loooong time, halkatna :D . It's OK, I feel much better when I walk. If I stayed a couple of days without exercising, my back and legs start hurting.

- The baby is growing so fast in the last month, mashAllah. Last week, he weighed 2.5 Kg, now he's 2 Kg and 800 g. He's gonna be a healthy boy, inshAllah.

- I started "packing" the bag I'm gonna take to the hospital.

- The doctor started lecturing me about the do and the do nots. She concentrated on the point that I shouldn't freak out and get tensed, because this won't help at all during delivery. The more relaxed I am, the easier the delivery will be... Allah yestor :S

- The countdown has begun, and I can't wait until it's all over. I hate waiting, especially when it's for a big event like this... having my first baby.


SimSim said...

allah y2awmek besalameh sweetie .... and I want to have the first picture :D for u and the baby :hug:

by the way did u choose a name ?

Diana said...

7abeebti samsoom, thank you
tekram 3ainek, inshallah u will :D

Yes we did, it's a surprise :ch:

nido said...

Oh...I've been through this! all of this:) You know something, I didn't try wearing my rings yet!! I should see if they fit now or not :p I totaly forgot abt my rings!!
Believe it or not, I enjoyed delivery! Make sure you are relaxed, knowing that a contraction pain is temp., and that it will go away...another advice:p while having a contraction remember not to squeeze anybody's hand, let someone squeeze yours! it helps big time:)
A muslim nurse from egypt reminded me while in labor that with every contraction, I gain so many 7asanat...this made it a lot easier, and she even suggested I keep repeating the word "Allah" during contractions! trust me it helps :)
I'm so excited for you! Hope you have an easy delivery and I can't wait to see yr beautiful healthy baby boy inshallah!

Diana said...

ohh Nido, thank you for the advices. I really appreciate it sweety. InshAllah I will remember to do that.
Allah yesma3 minik ya rab, amen

Dawn said...

Salam dear...& welcome back.
allah ysahhelha 3aleeki,I tried both I was induced with Ashraf,and then C-section with Firas,the pain is hardly noticable if you have someone to ease you through it,it's just so unusual that some women freak out and start panicing and screaming. Natural delivery is more maternal I believe, I had hoped to have Firas like that but we couldn't, and his RDS was due to c-section.
I wish you all the best dear. Boys are as cute as girls, *wink* it's just pink & ribbons that make girls look cuter.
P.S. Diana do you have an Amazon account?

Diana said...

Dawn, thanks for the support dear. I know.. screaming sounds odd to me, no matter how painful the process is one shouldn't scream. My friend did just what Nido said, kept repeating the word "Allah" during delivery instead of screaming.

No I don't have an amazon account, but I think my husband does. Why?

Dawn said...

Firas & I owe you a gift, It's your first son, and I have no idea what you got or didn't get yet. So an Amazon account would make it easier.

Diana said...

Awww Dawn, that's sooo sweet of you, and of Firas of course :D, thank you so much, ma fi da3i wallahi, everything's almost ready. 3an jad kollek zoo2 :)