First Labor Signs?

When I was told that there were no labor signs at all, I was upset.
Now that there are a couple of signs, I became very anxious, worried, impatient and restless...
The bad thing about delivery is that you never know when exactly it is going to happen, some signs may take place a couple of hours, days, or even weeks before real labor.

This is the first time I call my doctor. I had to ask her about some changes that I noticed. She said that these are good signs that labor is on its way and there's no need to worry. She also asked me to keep track of the baby's movement and in case I didn't notice any for a long time I should head to the hospital to make sure that everything's OK.
Mom is asking me to distract myself and just take it easy and wait until it's time.
So, between watching the fetal movement and trying to distract myself, I'm kinda confused.
Yesterday night I was hallucinating about the baby's diapers, lol. I woke up and found myself saying: newborn diapers packs, not the 6 kgs one, I want the 2 to 5 kgs pack :D


nido said...

yaaaaaaaay...he is arriving sooooon! bissalameh inshallah..

The diapers hallucination is normal,,, hahaha

Diapers are becoming my nightmare!!!

Dawn said...

الله يهونها عليكي يا رب
و تقومي بالسلامة انتي و البيبي
There was a sheet my Doctor gave me to monitor Fetal movements, It made it easy for me, something like this
http://www.mommyguide.com/Prenatal/PregnancyKickCountCard.pdf but with fun drawings elephants and ducks LOL, good luck dear.

nido said...

You have disappeared!! did you give birth yet?!

Khawaja M. said...


Diana said...

Nido, Dawn and Mohammed, thank you guys
khalas Kareemo wesel bil salameh, one day after posting this :D