Kareem and the Expected Baby

When we  told Kareem that we're expecting a baby, he didn't get it at first. It was important to let him know that there's a baby inside mommy's belly so that he stops kicking mommy there. We were really concerned that he might hurt me or the baby with his boyish way of playing, so that he becomes more careful. 

When he finally got it, he was surprised and pleased, and of course more careful not to hurt the baby. He said that he loves the baby and wants him to come soon to play with him. He keeps checking my growing belly and asking: there's a baby in there, right? I love him and he loves me, and we'll play together. He sometimes acts funny about it. Like once he saw me patting on my stomach, I often have a stomach pain :(, so he got angry and said "Mom, don't do that! You'll hurt the baby!" :@ haha

Once he was playing with his baby toy when he looked at me and asked: there's a baby in your belly just like this one, right? Yes dear, that's right. Then, let this one, pointing to the toy, enter your belly as well to stay with the other baby.

The funniest one so far was when he said yesterday: I also ate a baby, just like mommy did, it's here, inside my tummy. OMG, the boy thinks that I ATE a baby hahaha

Kareem is about to turn three, in less than a week :)


nido said...

He's so cute!! I'm glad you told him...He must be planning in his head all the fun stuff he'll want to do with his brother/sister :)

Diana said...

thanks Nido! Yes, seems like he can't wait :D