It's Kareem's Third Birthday

Kareem is a bright boy mashAllah. I'm speaking from a teacher's point of view not a mom's by the way ;)
In the past year, I've been spending some time every now and then teaching him stuff. He can now identify all the English alphabet, uppercase and lowercase. He can count to 20, and read numbers up to 100. He can name most of the colors and shapes in Arabic and English, the names of  most animals, birds, vehicles, things, etc... also in both languages. I've just started introducing him to the Arabic alphabet. He recites four short Quraan surahs by heart. We do crafts every now and then, and he enjoys it. I think that his favorite toys are puzzles and trains. He likes balls and bicycles of course, a typical boy. His favorite dishes these days are spaghetti and french fries. He likes vegetables and fruits, thankfully. He's all ready to go to school after two months!!

My baby isn't a baby anymore. He's a big boy now, and is going to be a big brother soon inshAllah. Kareem turns three years old today. I can't believe how time flies! I still think of the moment I first laid my eyes on you as if it was yesterday. I can't tell you how much I LOVE you, how much I'm grateful to have you in my life. You're my joy and pride, the most precious gift I've ever had.  God bless you my dearest. Happy happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay, MWAAAH

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