Expecting (4): My Health

My mother always says that I’ve been a good girl ever since I was a fetus. She's usually surprised whenever a woman complains about her uneasy pregnancy or about her naughty children saying that she never suffered from such things. E7EM E7EM :D.
This to some extent used to relieve me knowing that girls do inherit such things from their moms. So, having a smooth and happy pregnancy like mom’s was something I looked forward to.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy turned out to be completely different. I suffered from almost all the awful symptoms that pregnant women may have from nausea, heartburn, food aversions and cravings, to moody swings and other things.

Even before knowing that I’m pregnant, I noticed that I can’t stand to smell any strong odor including my own perfume. This, later on, developed to a strong feeling of DISGUST. Any smell, even that of food, would turn my stomach. I couldn’t enter the kitchen for weeks! Entering the kitchen was like entering hell to me. As a result, I wasn’t able to cook. So, I used to force myself to eat some fruits- the only thing that my stomach could accept- and that’s it! At night, hubby would order fast food after spending much time choosing something that would't make me feel queasy.

Starving myself means starving my baby, a fact that I came to know later, and made me feel very guilty. I made my baby starve, I am extremely sorry but I didn't mean to wallhi :(

Believe it or not, I hated all kinds of coffee and chocolate, knowing that I am a coffee lover and a chocoholic. Now I can’t even stand their smell! Weird things happen during pregnancy.
This, however, is a good thing. Pregnant women better limit their intake or even cut caffeine out of their diets. Chocolate, too, will give me nothing but extra pounds, so I'm lucky I hated it too.

On the other hand, I craved the arabic bread, especially el saj (mar2oo2) and tanoor, which was impossible to find in Turkey. I also craved my mom's cooking. I wanted badly to eat Mlokheyeh although I don't really like it much, but as I told you the most weird things may happen during pregnancy. I wanted to eat wara2 3inab, kebbeh b laban and many other things... I made a list by the way :D I was daydreaming about eating them :D

Eating them is no more a dream now. I enjoyed (and still) eating mama's cooking. Thanks to her care and tabeekh, I don't starve my baby no more. You better thank ur grandma for taking good care of you, fahem? hehe The pills and vitamins prescribed by the doctor helped a lot in reducing the symptoms and increasing my appetite and I started gradually to get better. Now that the first trimester which is the most difficult stage is about to end, the unpleasent symptoms are disappearing thank God. And I feel good, both physically and emotionally.

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