Expecting (1)

I had to put an end to all the concerns and doubts that had been haunting me for several days. I must take action immediately! I was very tense but I tried to control my nerves as much as possible. I got dressed.. calmly.. looked at myself in the mirror.. stared into my eyes for a few moments.. looking for an answer to "can this be possible?".. but there weren't any...
I made sure that I had the paper in my pocket... and went out.
I could feel my legs shaking... and my heart was beating so fast that I had to stop, trying again to calm down... took a deep breath and moved on...
I looked around until I caught sight of the place I was looking for "Eczane"*. I walked directly towards it. Hi, would you please give me this? giving the lady the paper with the two Turkish words "Gebelik testi"*. She handed me the thing. Thank you I said. You're welcome :) she replied back. Oh, I don't believe it, finally I found someone who speaks English in this country! I thought to myself.
I hurried back home. Followed the instructions. and to my surprise the result was positive. I am a mother-to-be :)

*pregnancy test
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