Pee Pee Time!

A couple of days ago I peed on my mom while being changed :D
I did the same to grandma once but I kept the big surprise to mom. She felt a warm liquid pouring on her clothes from nowhere before she discovered that this liquid was nothing but my pee :D
She was shocked at first, OHHHH NOOOOO, but then she burst out laughing. You naughty little thing, shame on you!
Sorry mama, I tried to hold it in but couldn't :S :D


Dawn said...

Boys are armed and dangerous, It's funny the first 10 times maybe lol
afterwards you might consider the paper cup trick. *wink*

W. said...

lol naughty kareemo :D

Diana said...

Dawn: yes they are :D
the paper cub trick? sounds a good idea, thanx! :d

Weddo: yes he is, big time! :D

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting your blog recently, but found nothing new to read. I just discovered that you are posting mostly here :P

LOL @ your little cute baby :D Are we going to see pictures?

Please say yes hehehe.

nido said...

hahahaa...t3eeshi o takli ghairha :)
Mafi pix? mo nawyeh?!

Diana said...

bena2an 3ala talab el jamaheer, check the pic in my profile :D

NasEr said...


that was funny :D did u feel "its like I'm in a movie ,coool" :P ? :D

Diana said...

yeah, kind of :D