I mentioned before in a reply to Batoul that I have a feeling, a strong feeling indeed that's it's a boy. So, I wasn't in the least surprised when the doctor told me that it's a boy inshallah, as if I knew it already. Subhan Allah :)

Time to start thinking of a name, eh? What do you suggest?


Dawn said...

You know a mother sort of knows.
Now you can talk to the belly using the right pronoun :-D
But believe me either ways you'd be happy as long as he/she is healthy.
Although I have to admit girls cloths are much nicer than boys cloths :(. I'm always tempted to buy a dress for Firas. If only he didn't look so boyish.
Looking for names??
Do you want a common name or a unique one.
The names that were suggested to me were
غيث و ليث و رامي of course
I had in mind باسل
But I really wanted to name him either أرام or هاشم my husband didn't want any of the two though
مالك is also nice but my husband's uncle name is مالك
I'm out of names...

And by the way, since it's a boy you should know
"Mothers Of Little Boys Work From SON Up Till SON Down".
Wish you all the fun with ur little boy.

Diana said...

yes exactly Dawn. I'd love to have a girl too and make her my pampered doll :D
thank you for the suggestions :)